ZEETEX announces ZT4000 4S, all-season tire

Las Vegas, Nevada—ZEETEX has announced the launch of its newest all-season tire, the ZT4000 4S during the 2017 SEMA Show. The ZT4000 4S is designed to perform during all four seasons, even in the harshest conditions. The pattern features a uni-directional tread design with wider grooves to ensure quicker water evacuation and to help overcome aquaplaning, larger and curved tread blocks on outer shoulders to ensure better cornering, and a wide footprint which offers better mileage and lower rolling resistance, leading to better fuel efficiency. The pattern’s specially engineered “All Weather” compound ensures outstanding performance and safety year-round.

The ZT4000 4S was tested in subzero temperatures as cold as -7 degrees Celsius and provides extraordinary performance during severe ice conditions.

Manufactured in Indonesia, the ZEETEX brand has been a global player in the replacement tire industry and is present in over 85 countries since its establishment in 2005. The ZEETEX portfolio offers over 160 SKU’s in the passenger, performance, and light truck segments.

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