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ZAFCO International is the one-stop solution to the emerging challenges facing your business. With factories in Thailand and Indonesia, ZAFCO designs and manufactures a full portfolio of tire brands and distributes them across the Americas.

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Armstrong tires are all about quality, value, and safety. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, independent tire testing, and phenomenal warranty makes Armstrong a tire that’s easy to sell, and even easier to stand behind.

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ZEETEX tires are made to deliver on performance and reliability, but also to provide real value for money with a robust and flexible line that can meet a variety of drivers needs. ZEETEX tires are uniquely engineered to serve you and your customers.

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Accelera tires are all about the need for speed, but safety and quality are key factors, too. With Accelera, neither you, nor your customers, have to compromise on performance, traction, grip, tread life, custom sizing, or price.

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If you’re looking for a line with uniquely positioned for modified vehicles, then Forceum tires are for you. With Forceum, drivers achieve maximum driving comfort, safety, and durability without sacrificing on performance. 

The ZAFCO Advantage

The manufacturing and distribution of our own house brands makes ZAFCO International uniquely positioned to serve the tire industry.

  • Manufacturing Facilities in Thailand & Indonesia
  • Family-Run Organization with Experience in Over 85
  • Local Warehouse & Distribution Capabilities
  • Multi-Tier Brand Portfolio
  • Protection Against Competition
  • Exciting Loyalty Program Perks

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