Making a great tire is more than just making a great tire. Of course, delivering on performance and reliability is key, but so is providing real value for money with a robust and flexible line that can meet a variety of drivers needs. ZEETEX tires are uniquely engineered to serve you and your customers – from highway to wallet.


ZAFCO’s first in-house brand, ZEETEX  was born in 2005 and is now sold in over 85 countries.

ZEETEX has been a key player in the replacement tire industry since its inception. With unique tread patterns, enhanced control, silica compound, and environmentally friendly solutions, the ZEETEX brand is committed to providing the best value for money to our customers. Whether it is integration with cutting-edge technology in tire production, or first-class supply-chain management, we strive to ensure every tire reaches the end user in perfect condition.

ZEETEX’s proven performance and continuous efforts to offer consumers a value-driven proposition and ride satisfaction has led to growth at a tremendous pace.

ZEETEX offers us a wide selection of sizes at competitive pricing on a quality tire that I feel confident in selling to anyone out there! ZEETEX also allows my 4 locations to make money! I recommend any dealers to give the ZEETEX a try!

Brad Ward, Owner at Ronnie Ward Tire
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ZEETEX HP1000 on mountain road
  • High-quality materials

    ZEETEX tires are manufactured using a silica compound that is typically found in premium brands, making the quality comparable to higher tier brands which allows our dealers to stay competitive in the market. 

  • Competitive warranty coverage

    ZEETEX has a comprehensive warranty program, including mileage coverage. This warranty can be used as a selling tool for dealers or as a way to backup their own warranty programs.

  • Factory-direct program

    Our tires are shipped factory-direct from our manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. We partner with domestic dealers who are container-capable to distribute our tires to smaller dealers.

  • Sell-out support

    ZEETEX customers receive unique sell-out support from ZAFCO, including access to point-of-sales materials and resources through our online Dealer Portal as well as customized training programs.

  • More than just passenger tires

    The ZEETEX passenger line offers a complete portfolio of tires with size assortments for multiple applications and segments. ZEETEX also makes tires for ATV, Specialty Trailer, and Commercial applications. 

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