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Accelera tires are ultra-high performance tires designed for elegance and safety.

Accelera tires provide maximum grip, comfort and protection without compromising on style. Developed especially for drivers that care about the role of tire technology in enhancing vehicle performance and safety, Accelera tires provide immense durability, handling, and traction while increasing tread life.

Manufactured using the DeltaMax technology, Accelera uses a silica compound to achieve excellent grip and overcome aquaplaning forces on wet road.

The tires are designed to reduce noise levels and carbon dioxide emissions that significantly minimize rolling resistance to save energy. The double, strong steel belt tied by a cap layer gives a strong grip on uneven road surfaces while remaining stable during high speeds. The sidewall is strong and flexible, absorbing shocks on rough surfaces. DeltaMax insures all aspects of the production process, including product design, are controlled by an automated system, providing a high precision product. The cutting-edge technology is intended to adapt not only to the current trends of auto development but also the future.


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