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UTQG ratings were created with the goal of helping consumers purchase the right tire. However, limitations to the system, along with it's subjective nature, may mean it's time for an updated approach. A more standardized system would better serve consumers and ensure they purchase a tire that fits their needs. read more
It's normal for customers to have questions when they approach you about buying new tires. Many want to make sure they are well-informed before making a purchase. Be proactive and learn how to respond to 5 of the most common questions. It will benefit you and your customers in the long run. read more
Implementing discussion about tire warranties during the sales process is extremely important. Not only will it prevent confusion later on, but it will increase overall customer satisfaction and increase their trust in your business. Instead of waiting for your customer to ask about warranties, be transparent and provide them with all of the information. read more
For the tire industry, change may be coming this year due to legislative decisions. Topics such as tariffs, infrastructure, tire registration, and the gas tax are being discussed. It is important to be flexible and monitor these changes in order to be as prepared as possible for any industry shifts. read more


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